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Create New Escrow

  • To use this service, complete the form - emails are required but are only used to communicate escrow updates.
  • A Contract ID will be created and e-mailed to each party (a different ID for each person).
  • You use the Contract ID to manage your Escrow Deal - Do Not Share Your ID - The buyer can pay deposit right away.
  • Both parties are emailed when full deposit is made (1 confirmation) by the buyer - After this, it is safe for the seller to proceed.
  • Only when the Buyer confirms the deal was okay, can the Seller release payment.
  • The Buyer can dispute and suggest a % refund - the seller can agree or suggest alternate %.
  • Payout transaction fee rate is chosen (and paid by) the seller on completion of the deal. i.e. you can choose between a 10 minute and 7 day mining feerate and be shown an estimated cost for the tx.
  • If anything goes wrong, reach support (me) view email or telegram, I will respond right away (unless asleep).

Fee: 0.5% fee to use this service, deducted from the gross payout.

Support or Questions -> Reach me on telegram or email.

Are you the buyer or the seller?

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Contract ID

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Manage Existing Escrow

Check up and manage an existing deal here. All you need is the contract ID I emailed to you.

Reach me on telegram or email if you have any issues here.

Contract ID

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